Weber Spirit E-210

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Brand Name Weber
Model 46110001
Rating ★★★★½ 
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The Weber Spirit E210 Liquid Propane Gas Grill has two stainless-steel burners and practical features like stainless-steel side tables that fold down when you aren’t using them. The grill’s porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates combine the ease of porcelain enamel with the superior heat retention of cast iron. The grates require no seasoning and are easy to clean.

The grill also provides porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars, a center-mounted thermometer, an enclosed cart, and a porcelain-enameled shroud, which means no fading, peeling, or rusting to worry about. Other highlights include six tool hooks, two heavy-duty front-locking casters, and two heavy-duty back swivel casters. Requiring a 20-pound LP tank (not included) to operate, the gas grill’s fuel gauge lets you know exactly where you stand on fuel at all times (LP only).

Cooking System

  • Stainless steel burners: 2
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates
  • Porcelain-enameled Flavorizer® bars
  • Main burners: BTU-per-hour input: 26,500
  • Electronic Crossover® ignition system

Cooking Area

  • Primary cooking area (square inches): 360
  • Warming rack area (square inches): 90
  • Total cooking area (square inches): 450


  • Porcelain-enameled shroud with center-mounted thermometer
  • Stainless steel fold-down tables: 2
  • Stainless steel work surfaces: 2
  • Front-mounted control panel
  • Painted enclosed steel cabinet with painted steel door
  • Front access, porcelain-enameled grease tray with catch pan
  • Heavy-duty front locking swivel casters: 2
  • Heavy-duty back swivel casters: 2


  • Fuel gauge (LP models only)
  • Tool hooks: 6
  • Owner’s guide and grilling guide
  • Limited warranty


  • Liquid propane (20-lb LP tank sold separately)

Lid Finish

  • Porcelain-enameled steel

Dimensions (Lid Open)

  • Height (inches): 63
  • Width (inches): 50
  • Depth (inches): 32

 Customer Reviews

Perfect for My family!
This size grill is perfect for us. Exceptionally easy to light, cook on and clean. I was fortunate enough to have purchased it fully assembled so I did not have any issues with putting it together. I cook on it at least twice a week and although I'm fairly new to grilling, I'm enjoying it. My husband does not cook so I'm becoming the master grilled around here . I also purchased the cover which fits very well. Thanks for all of the online assistance with grilling techniques and suggestions.Debbie K
Love this grill!
I received my new grill about a month ago and I really love it! One of the best things is the temperature control. Using the recommended grill times and temperatures on the grilling guide I was able to make perfectly cooked chicken, steaks and hamburgers. That never happened on my old grill. I also like that the side shelves fold down and it doesn't take up as much space on my patio. I highly recommend!Di4600
Rediscovered grilling
All my life I loved to grill until about two years ago when I got tired of my previous larger unit. I have rediscovered grilling after the recent purchase of my new Spirit E-210 gas grill. In short order, I've had delicious steaks, chicken, pork and fish cooked to perfection. This was after starting with simple hamburgers, hotdogs and sausages that were the first meal prepared. The size of the grill is fairly small, but works well for my wife and I. It fits in a hidden nook on my back deck. Easy to keep clean, I look forward to many years of enjoyment.Otis Scarbary
Great Grill
Great grill. Better results compared to my last one. It's also easier to clean. I'm hoping this one won't rust too soon. I saw several complaints about the bottom rusting out within 3 years which was disconcerting.JLitz
Perfect Choice Without Going Overboard
For just the two of us this is the perfect size grill. After comparing it with the Spirit II it became apparent the small savings versus having an enclosed cabinet allowing hiding of the propane container and collapsing of the right side shelf was the right choice. Their support team is very knowledgeable and full of information. Don't overlook calling if your have questions. If purchasing the rotisserie make sure you get the model for this grill as opposed to the one which fits both the Spirit II and this one. This avoids having the motor AC cord coming at you from the front left side. The correct model placed motor on right side with AC cord facing the back.JeffreyS
Best in quality, perfect size!
Replaced my 2-burner Weber Genesis after 10+yrs, which was a downgrade from a 3-burner that also lasted a very long time. So, I'm loyal to the brand because the quality of the components and excellent grilling results in a size that's just perfect for me.Bondtrade
Weber Girl
This Grill is replacing my 3 burner Genesis that I do not need now that I am alone....large enough for a dinner party. I cooked my first NY strip and it is perfect. Can't beat a Weber. I am a Weber Girl. Thank you Weber.Ms. Bishop
Starts easy and grills perfectly! Highly recommended!Agassi
Great Grill With One Issue
While this grill is significantly more expensive then other brands of the same size, the quality of the product coupled with the long term warranty made the investment a wise choice. There is a single issue with the grill that I have encountered so far which precludes a 5-star rating. The scale that you hang the propane tank on to gauge how much fuel is left in the tank is very hard to work with. There is very little room to maneuver in the cabinet and I found my self contorting my body to lift the heavy, full propane tank into place. Once in place the scale works great, but what a frustrating experience to get it there!Sixty
Rusting parts and the actual grill rusting
The Weber product has always been a good grill however on this model it seems as though the quality of construction is just not there, our grill is already rusting in several places.Grammie#1

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