Weber Genesis S-330 Gas Grill

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Brand Name Weber
Model S-330
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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The Weber Genesis S-330 is a grill you will be proud to grill a steak on. Weber Grills have a reputation of being built with high quality materials and construction. They are built to last, and look good doing it. Some Weber grill owners claim that 10 years or more is normal for a Weber grill compared to less than 3 years for some other grills.

Main Features of the Weber Genesis S-330 Gas Grill

All Stainless Steel Construction

Weber uses high chromium stainless steel in the construction of the Genesis S330 Grill. These stainless steels contain high amounts of chromium to protect the steel from oxidizing (rusting) and corrosion. This also makes the steel non-magnetic, meaning that a magnet will not attract true stainless steels. Lower priced competitors sometimes use so-called stainless steels that contain lower amounts of chromium. The steels with lower chromium are magnetic and oxidize and corrode much faster. Technically, they are considered stainless steels, but do not provide as good of corrosion resistance as those used in the Weber Genesis. If you are curious, bring a magnet to your local grill retailer and check the different grills for yourself.

38,000 BTU’s from 3 Stainless Steel Burners

The Weber S330 has 3 stainless steel burners to give you flexibility in controlling temperatures for different foods. You can grill a steak while also cooking your veggies at the same time. Each of the 3 stainless steel burners has its own electronic ignition, giving you more flexibility when firing up the grill. Weber has also moved the controls for the burners from the top and side to the front of the grill, making adjustments much easier and with less chance of getting burned.

10,000 BTU Sear Station

The Weber Sear Station is an additional 10,000 BTU burner that provides higher temperatures to sear your meats to perfection and together with the S330’s 7mm rod cooking grates, give those sought after grill marks. According to several current owners, the grill heats up to over 500 degrees in 5 minutes and close to 700 degrees in 10 with the Sear Station turned on. Simply sear your steak for a minute or so, rotate 90 degrees, for another minute and flip the steak to do the other side. Once you have properly seared the outside (and given your steak a nice cross-hatch), simply turn off the Sear Station and move the steaks over to finish cooking with lower heat.

Technical Features of the Weber Genesis S330

  • Grilling Area – 507 sq. in. direct, 130 sq. in. indirect
  • High Chromium Stainless Steel Construction
  • 7mm (over ¼ inch) diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • 3 Stainless Steel Burners provide 38,000 BTU’s of Heat
  • 12,000 BTU side burner
  • 2 Stainless Steel Side Shelves

What do Buyers Think about the Genesis S330 Gas Grill?

The majority of current owners of the Weber Genesis remark about the excellent quality and sturdy construction of their grills. They also rave about the Sear Station and its ability to sear their meats to an awesome crust, and juicy inside. In fact, one owner stated that his steaks were better than he could get at most restaurants.

One negative concerning the Genesis S330, is that it doesn’t come with a Rotisserie. Not everyone would use a rotisserie, but for those that do desire one, Weber offers a rotisserie specially designed for their Genesis grills. The Genesis 7519 Rotisserie should be available wherever you purchase your Weber S330 grill.

Who is the Weber Genesis S-330 Ideal For?

The Weber Genesis S-330 Gas Grill is built for those who are serious about their grilling and want a good quality Grill that will last for years. The Genesis S330 has been praised for its sturdy construction, excellent design and ease of use.

So, if a high quality, well built gas grill built in America is what you are looking for, then the Weber Genesis S-330 may be for you.

 Customer Reviews

Worth the expense!
We found it easy to build, and we are very pleased with the grill.Siobhan
Weber Genesis S330
I needed a new BBQ and have been doing my research for over a couple of weeks, I was debating between a Napoleon and Weber,
Finally, after reading all the positive review I decided to buy a Weber Genesis S330, Am I ever glad that I did !!
Home Depot had a 20% off sale and free assembly, I am very mechanically inclined so I decided to assemble it myself. I just wanted to see the design & built quality of this grill every one raves about,
I must say, this is the best grill I have ever seen, everything about this grill screams QUALITY! Well designed and solidly built. I can tell that every panel, nut, bolt and screw is designed by professional engineers, even the washers are designed so they don't scratch any painted surface when the screws and bolts are tightened. The assembly instructions were very simple and easy to follow, it took me just over an hour to put it all together, and I was taking my time.
I can see this grill lasting me a very long time.
As for cooking food, I was a little concerned about this grill being only rated for 38000 BTU, not sure if that would be hot enough to do the job properly on a fairly large cooking surface it has.
I have been using this grill daily and so far I have cooked Chicken, kebobs, fish on cedar planks and grilled vegetables, everything turned out perfect! The food was juicy with the best flavor I have ever had from a gas grill, No cold spots on the grill.
The grill heats up to 550* in just 5 minutes and 700* in less then 10 minutes, very remarkable for a 38000 BTU grill, very efficient to say the least. My last BBQ was rated @ 60000 BTU and it was never near that temperature, not to mention hot and cold spots everywhere.
If you need a new grill and are debating which one to buy, save yourself further headaches and buy a Weber, You will be glad you did.fishin247
Weber S330 Grill Rave
I have owned many grills in my 59 years,,, NEVER have I owned one like the S330. It is the greatest Grill I could have ever imagined owning,,,, I would recommend it to ANYONE who wants something HEAVY built, ALL the parts in the box, Easy to operate, easy to assemble, and just a joy to cook on. I wish I had bought this grill years ago.... if you want a stainless grill, or ANY grill that will last, and quality... THIS is it... Period,, and I DON"T write reviews... it's just this is exactly what it appears. Great.micahberry
Had a thrill with my grill!
Put together this grill over Memorial Day Weekend and was able to fire it up yesterday. Assembly was pretty simple and the grill is amazing. I'm very happy with the purchase and quick shipment from Hayneedle.Dan
Amazing, worth the premium price!Stogie954
Webber Genesis S330
Grill was packed well, arrived when it was supposed to and is of the quality we expected.Happy
Quality product
Exterior finish looks very nice. Grill is simple to use and fits our needs nicely. Scheduling freight delivery was quick and they worked around our time constraints.Marty
I would buy this product again, but not from
My grill arrived damaged. I called the shipping company, they said call hayneedle. I called hayneedle, they said contact Weber. A total of five parts were damaged. Weber sent the parts as soon as possible. One of those parts was damaged! Maaaan, why me? I managed to pirate an undamaged piece off of one of the original damaged pieces. The grill looks great and works very well now. But, seriously what a rigmarole. The next time I will buy locally and pay a bit more for great service and undamaged merchandise.Didi-La-Cle
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