Char-Broil Universal 21" Pro-Sear Grate

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Brand Name Char-Broil
Model 4885138
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Once in a while, you may have to replace your grate on your Char-Broil grills. Or you may want to upgrade to a Pro-Sear model if you love sear marks on your grilled food. This porcelain-coated steel wire adjusts to fit grills 13.5 to 15.75 inches in diameter. Porcelain grates are easy to clean too. Check your owner's manual to make sure this grate will fit.

Char-Broil Universal 21" Pro-Sear GrateChar-Broil Universal 21" Pro-Sear GrateChar-Broil Universal 21" Pro-Sear GrateChar-Broil Universal 21" Pro-Sear Grate
Char-Broil Universal 21" Pro-Sear Grate
Char Broil Universal 21" Pro-Sear Grate:Porcelain-coated steel wire
Adjusts to fit 13.5" to 15.75"Faster heating with quicker cooling
Easy to clean
Wide grate enables more food to be cooked at once

 Customer Reviews

Grill cooking grate replacement.
I've bought this item before and it's a great replacement for my Charbroil grill .Mick
My grill
I have an old Char-Broiler and it is hard to find parts for it. I have called the company numerous times with no luck. I tried one more time and I wish I had the gals name that helped me. She checked and double checked and finally found the part. I had called twice before with no results. You have very good people working for you and one that went the additional step.The quality of the product is great,, look how long my Char-Broil has lasted 40 years. I have it hooked up to the gas line was told I had to disconnect.  Later I was told I was Grandfathers in because I have had it so long hooked up to the gas line. I really like my Char-Broil I even use it in the winter. I have cooked a turkey, ham, chicken and steaks on it and all have turned out great.  Thank you for a great product.

Thank you

Dave WonderlandWONDERS3413
Perfect for summer veggies!
This is a great way to eat healthy by grilling your favorite summer veggies! Just add veggies to a plastic sealed bag with a little olive oil, add some of your favorite seasonings, shake to coat, and add to the grill until tender. Easy to clean afterwards for fast clean up.lnanthony14

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