Ducane 31732101 Affinity 3100 Natural Gas Grill


For those looking for a natural gas grill, the ducane grills seem to be quite popular in terms of user satisfaction. The Ducane 31732101 Affinity 3100 Natural Gas Grill does not have fancy features, but meets all the requirements of regular grillers.

It is purely a natural gas grill, and does not use conversion from propane. It is made by Weber and is quite durable with good craftsmanship and is great for small gatherings.

Measuring 62-1/2’ x 51-1/2’ x 28-1/2’ and weighing 158 pounds, it is a sturdy natural gas grill and the construction materials used in all its parts are of high quality, though not as good as those used in Weber Spirit E-310. The lid and the front panels are of stainless steel it is quite a good looking grill.

ducane grillsIt has three stainless steel burners with 36000 BTU per hour output, the primary cooking area is 418 square inches and the warming area is 132 square inches which makes a total of 550 square inches for the cooking area. The surfaces are scratch resistant and you can easily fit around six medium sized steaks onto it and they will be evenly cooked, thanks to the great heat distribution system using porcelain-enameled heat distribution plates.

This ducane grill has electronic ignition system along with two locking and two swivel casters. It has stainless steel rod cooking grates and includes a 10 feet flexible hose.

On both side of the ducane grill you will find large side tables where you can put cooking stuff like plates you are using while you cook. They have placed the controls on the top side so it reduces the area you could have otherwise used to put more things on the table so it might have been better to keep the controls on the front instead of top.

It is well packaged and when you take it out it takes around one to two hours to set it up and get it running. As it has some heavy pieces the ladies might require some help with it.

The directions on assembling this ducane grill are quite clear with pictures to help you follow each step and all the parts are clearly marked so that you know where to install them, however, they have failed to mention which screws to use where. But it is quite obvious where the longer screws are needed so though people initially have some problem they soon figure it out that you will be using the shorter screws first and the longer ones will be needed when you reach the end. The tank in this ducane grill is easier to assemble than most grills because you have to insert it from front or rear.

Once assembled, this ducane grill starts easily and quickly heats up and you can check the temperature with the built-in lid thermometer.

The warranty is short and price is a little high, but since most people seem to be very happy and satisfied with their purchase, this is definitely not a deal breaker.

It is easy to clean up this ducane grill and since the side tables are made of strong plastic, the stains do not show much and you can easily wipe them up.

Overall, the Ducane 31732101 Affinity 3100 Natural Gas Grill consists of well-built, durable parts, starts easily, quickly heats up, cooks evenly, has room to accommodate grilling paraphernalia and is easily cleaned so if you are not looking for a lot of extra features like interior lights and warming drawers and do not mind the limited warranty, this ducane grill is probably the right grill for you.

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