Common Barbeque Mistakes to Avoid

Barbeque MistakesThere is nothing worse than when a barbeque goes wrong and you end up with burnt food. And while blackened food that is rendered inedible is one of the worst problems you can have, there are all sorts of other mishaps associated with grilling as well. Everybody wants to have the best barbecue possible and it’s rather embarrassing when something goes wrong. Luckily it all it takes is a little bit of practice before you know how to do things properly. And to help put you ahead of the game, here are some common barbeque mistakes to avoid.

1. Using the wrong type of grill

It doesn’t matter if you’re using gas or a charcoal grill, it’s essential that you have the right piece of equipment for the occasion. There are some portable grills out there that are quality products, but you simply cannot depend on them to cook for a huge party. It’s important to estimate the amount of food you need to prepare and what rate is has to come off the grill. Cooking surface is key, and you might also need a barbeque that can provide you with several different temperature levels. That might even mean coming up with a system of using a main gas grill, and a backup portable model for smaller items.

2. The running out of fuel

One of the first things you should check even before you plan your barbeque is how much fuel you have. The worst thing that can happen is running out of propane in the middle of your barbeque. If you are using charcoal then you can save a lot of money by buying in bulk and during the off-season. This way you will always have an ample supply that can last you through the summer.

3. Not to cleaning the barbeque

No one likes to clean the barbeque because it can be a messy job. There is dirt and grime that builds up and no one likes to touch the greasy grill. But unless you want to consume particles from your last barbeque two weeks ago, you had better clean the entire barbeque well.

4. Sun safe food handling

Sometimes when you are in the middle of the cooking process you might lose track of all of your utensils and tools. But it is essential that you keep the things that touch raw meat well away from the food that is cooked. It’s not uncommon for people to experience food poisoning after someone serves food with something that has already handled the raw stuff.

5. Let the grill or barbeque heat up

Just like an oven that needs to be preheated, your barbeque needs time to reach the proper temperature. Whether you are direct grilling or slow roasting, you never want to put your chosen cuts of meat in too soon. Otherwise you can end up with and unevenly cooked piece of meat that is too burnt on the outside or completely dry inside.

6. Don’t disrupt the cooking process

This point is someone related to the last one, especially when a person doesn’t have full control over the barbeque temperature. Sometimes when things get too hot people have a tendency to move food all around their barbeque. During this process they can end up flipping their food, tossing it off to the side, or piercing it by accident. All of this means that your food has less of a chance to cook and develop that delicious sear on the outside.

7. Don’t eat right away

It might be tempting to want to bite into your barbeque food as soon as it gets off the grill, but if you want the best barbeque then you have to wait a few minutes. Anything that comes off of direct heat needs time to sit so that juices can settle. If you cut into a roast chicken right away then all of those essential juices are going to run out. You run the risk of leaving the rest of the bird completely dry, and this is a possibility for any meat you choose.

And there you have it, some common barbeque mistakes to avoid. Once you get a handle on these basic elements and pay attention to barbeque tips, you never have to experience a bad barbeque meal again.

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