Grill Replacement Parts



Adjustable grate to hold lava rocks and other items. Onward Grill Pro 91250 Universal Adjustable Rock Grate Universal fit adjustable steel rock grate/grill grid. Material: Heavy Steel Finish: Porcelain Replacement part Rock grate



If you have an older propane tank that still gets the job done, but the connection needs to be replaced, you'll need this POL hose from Onward Grill Pro. It uses the POL standard, which is the oldest standard for propane and butane cylinders, and consists of reverse (or left-handed) threads. The hose also has a regulator for proper flow rate and is ...



Help ensure you never run out of fuel mid-barbecue with the Onward Grill Pro 80064 Grill Tank Gauge. Its display features colorful indicators that let you know when your tank is sufficiently full, getting low and ready for a refill. This propane tank gauge is equipped with an emergency shut-off valve and is designed to fit QCC1 tank connections.

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