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If you’re looking for the best natural gas grill on the market, you should definitely look into buying the Weber natural gas grill. Weber grills have been around for years and are famous for their quality and reliability, so, if you’re going to spend money on a new grill, you should buy something that is backed up by years of producing quality products.

What’s So Special About Natural Gas Grills Anyway?

Natural gas grills have become increasingly popular in the past few years due to convenience of their usage. Of course, you need to do some initial work hooking up your grill to your home’s natural gas line, but, once everything is in place, can you really beat the convenience of having it all ready for you to grill whenever you want? No need to worry about whether your propane gas tank is full or not, or run for a re-fill every time you plan a barbecue.

Being so easy to use, natural gas grills are quickly becoming the top choice for serious, “full-time” grillers and those who simply don’t want to worry about trivial things like having your propane tank full all the time.

But how do you make an informative choice as to what is the best natural gas grill on the market. We have reviewed a few grills and would like to tell you about one that has caught our attention.

Weber 6631001 Genesis E-330 Gas Grill

Weber 6631001 Genesis E-330 is a top quality natural gas grill for people who like to grill often and who no longer want the hassle of re-fueling or changing their propane tanks.

Packed with all the bells and whistles any grilling enthusiast may want, this powerful and great looking outdoor grill will quickly become your new pride and joy when you’re entertaining guests and treating your friends to an outdoor barbecue.

But, don’t think this grill is just for the pros. Those who have just discovered the joy of grilling will appreciate how easy it is to grill the food to perfection with this grill.

Product Highlights

  • Front mounted control knobs – this allows for more control and frees up two extra-large stainless steel tables for your grilling needs.
  • Electronic Ignition System – this feature provides you with a quick and reliable ignition, making turning on your grill extremely easy, quick and safe.
  • Large Cooking Area of 637 square inch – this includes 507 square inch of primary cooking area and a 130 square inch warming rack, providing you with a large cooking area that would make it easy to prepare food and have everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Cast-Iron Cooking Grates – these heat up very quickly, retain heat longer than other materials and are easy to clean. Plus, nothing compares to cast-iron when it comes to durability.
  • Flavorizer Bars – this Weber natural gas grill comes with porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars that trap the juices and add that delicious BBQ aroma to your meat.
  • Power & More Power – with 38,000 BTU main burner, 12,000 BTU side burner, 10,000 BTU sear burner, you can cook plenty of food, quickly and to perfection.
  • 10-Foot Flexible Hose –included in the box, this item makes it easy to hook up your grill in no time.


In case you think such a big grill is going to be a pain to assemble, you’re up for a nice surprise.
The instructions provided with this Weber natural gas grill are easy to follow, materials are durable and everything fits just as it should.

Note: the box this grill comes in is very heavy and requires freight delivery, but places like take care of all that for you, and guess what, the shipping is FREE.


With so much power at your disposal your grilling options are virtually unlimited. The grill heats up very quickly and maintains just the right temperature for grilling and searing. The food comes off cooked to perfection and looking great.


A combination of stainless steel, cast-iron and porcelain-enameled materials used to manufacture this Weber natural gas grill make this grill durable, easy to clean and low maintenance.

What Customers Who Bought This Weber Natural Gas Grill Say

Customers who have purchased this grill are pleasantly surprised how easy it is to put together. For such a big product, easy of assembly is certainly an added bonus that many customers have noted.

Another major point in favor of this Weber natural gas grill, as many buyers have noted, was the quality of the food that comes off the grill and the easy of grilling. The grill is easy to operate and maintains just the right temperature for grilling and searing. The food comes off tasting and looking like it was grilled in a restaurant.

Our Conclusion

When it comes to finding the best natural gas grill, you certainly have a few choices. Grills you come across doing your online research will defer in size, color features and, of course, the price.

But when it comes to quality of construction, materials and durability, not many grills can compete with Weber Natural Gas Grill 6631001 Genesis E-330 grill. This grill does not come cheap, but as the saying goes “You get what you pay for.”

Visually attractive and durable design, combined with top quality and excellent product support, make this the best natural gas grill on the market.

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 Customer Reviews

A great grill
Take note of the packaging weight of 187lbs. Once unboxed it is MUCH easier to handle but most people will still find this a two person job due to the weight of all the materials.

It took about two hours to assemble but went together well. Instructions are pictures only but still pretty easy to follow. Heats up FAST for a natural gas grill, got to 500 degrees in no time.

It is very easy to move around on the wheels. Lid is very heavy so it may not be easy for some people to operate.

One great grill! Don't waste your money on the weber cover. Bought the medium Classic® Veranda Cart BBQ Cover for a little over $30 and it is awesome!
Grills OK but design flaw you need to know
My 1st Weber lasted 12 years so just bought this one. Everything was good until last weekend when I found a puddle of greasy, smelly water next to the grill. I had noticed water inside the cabinet, but could live with that, but cannot live with the drip pan filling up with water after rainy periods. You would have thought that Weber tested these grills in the rain at some point or at least modify the design when they get complaints from customers. Many of us don't put covers on our grills as we use them so often. I see so many 5 star reviews that I missed a couple that pointed out this problem. It goes back at least a couple of years. My last one did not have this problem and it lasted 12 years without covering it. I am really disappointed in Weber. You pay a premium price for their grills and I expect better than this. No response from customer service to this point either. So if you don't want to cover your grill every night stay away from this one.hl007

Great product. Natural Gas. I will never run out of fuel again. I picked this up at my local Wal-Mart and the box looked OK. After assembly I found that both the table ends were damaged. I called Weber customer service and they sent me both tables without question and within days. I am sure Wal-Mart would have helped me but I tried the manufacturer first and they were great. Weber's customer service is located with their home office in Illinois so the issue was very easy to resolve and no communication issues.GKMC
So far so good!
My husband and 10 yr old built this in under an hour. I followed previous review's advice on buying a $30 cover on Amazon and love it! The grill is working as expected. We are Weber fans and it doesn't surprise me that everything is cooking well. Our previous Weber Genesis grill was at least 15 years old and was still grilling fine but the exterior was falling apart. Weber is worth the extra money as it will last!LoveToFindDealslikethis1
Best grill I have ever owned.
Had a weber for over ten years. This new one is far superior.
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