Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill

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The Spirit II E-210 was made for every backyard. This two burner gas grill boasts an abundance of state-of-the-art features, including iGrill® capability that allows you to pair your start device to grill for precision cooking, ans the powerful GS4 grilling system that comes with a generous 10 year warranty. Whether this your first, second, or thirld grill, the Spirit II is your entry way into the Weber Family. Built to last, and with you for every family meal.

Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas GrillWeber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill
Weber Spirit II E-210 Gas Grill
  • GS4 Grilling System
  • Primary cooking area = 360 square inches
  • Warming rack area = 90 square inches
  • Total cooking area = 450 square inches
  • Two stainless steel burners 
  • 26,500 BTU-per-hour input main burners
  • Stainless steel heat deflector
  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates
  • Porcelain-enameled lid with center-mounted thermometer
  • Fold down left side table
  • 6 tool hooks
  • Open cart design
  •  iGrill 3 compatible (sold separately) Six tool hooks
  • Two large wheels
  • Natural gas grill includes a 10-foot flexible hose
  • 10-year warranty
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 Customer Reviews

Great features
I did a ;lot of on line reviewing before I bought this grill. So far I am please with it and the I grill with the thermometer is great. I would recommend this to any serious griller, but I do have a couple of comments. One recepit called for an overall low temp of 275 Degrees. I could not get it to go consistently lower than 300 degrees, even at the lowest setting of the gas knob and only one side on. This is not much of a difference, but for a serious griller, I want it to aquire and hold a temp that the receipt calls for. The other comment I have pertains when using two or more thermometer probes. I could not determine when the color probe matched the position shown on the I grill. One of the online utube videos showed where you can assign a name or color in each position, but I could not find this on my system and the instruction booklet did not show
this. One last comment. I bought a webber cook book to go with my I grill, but it appeared to be dated and did not reflect recipes for the I grill (for internal temps)Rod-M
Really nice grill.
I bought this grill several months ago, to replace a stainless steel grill I'd gotten several years before from another manufacturer. I live very close to the ocean, and the constant salt air takes a serious toll on everything outdoors. I took my time assembling the Weber grill, and can say that it appears to be very well made, with a good, thick powder coating on the parts that need it. It cooks very well (even though I don't), and puts out more heat than my other grill, which had three burners. So far, the salt air hasn't started rusting anything, which in my neighborhood is a good sign of rust-resistance. I'm very pleased with the grill. The price was quite reasonable for such a well made product, the grill performs well, and, as a bonus, it looks great.Doonanny
Well designed BBQ that meets my needs.
I bought this grill several months ago just had the opportunity to grill veggies on it thus far. It worked really great! She heats up very quickly. The control dials are nice and big and the stainless steel countertops are easy to clean. I like the fuel gage indicator and hope that it works accurately. Haven't had it long enough to know for sure. Like most "ready to assemble" products, prepare to take your time to put it all together. (Lots of parts and pieces). Warning: If you have it assembled at one of the big box stores, make sure they assemble correctly. Don't leave the store until you have fully checked it out for function ability. Mine wasn't and I had to haul it back to get corrected.Sal-Phoenix
Easy, convenient and great little grill
For years I owned a Weber charcoal grill and I loved it. But you know how sometimes you just can't be bothered to work with charcoal, no matter how great it makes food taste? That was me last summer. I never used my grill because waiting for charcoal to heat up got bothersome.

Enter the Spirit II e-210. I decided to jump into propane grills and since I trust Weber, this is the one for me. It's small and fits nicely in my backyard, but the cooking surface is large enough for a small crowd. I've done 2 porterhouse steaks, potatoes, corn and a couple hot dogs at one time and never felt that the cooking area was too small or that anything was missing out on heat.

I love how fast it heats up, how quickly it cools down and the absolute convenience of turning it on and within 5 minutes being able to grill. My only gripe is on price, it's not inexpensive and time will tell if that translates to quality. Also, I went with red and this is a brilliant shade of red.Kickinitoldskool
Performance not as expected
We bought this grill several months ago to replace a previous version of the Spirit grill that was 11 years old and totally rusted out. I loved the older grill, but I do not like this one. We primarily cook using indirect heat, and using the old version of the grill, we were able to achieve crispy doneness on the outside grilled meats. Despite trying various temperatures, adjustments, and techniques, we are unable to get especially chicken skin done satisfactorily, and it turns out rubbery and flaccid, ugh. I also do not like that the burners run front to back, instead of side to side, which leaves one much less usable space on the grate, and forces one to sometimes push the meat up under the hanging warming rack connected to the grill lid. It is hard to do this without burning ones hand. I have been very satisfied with previous Weber grills we have owned, both charcoal and gas, but I am disappointed in this grill. I would only recommend it for people who use primarily direct heat cooking.salem.oak

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