Weber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill Black

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The popular and economical Weber Spirit family of gas grills adds the more fully-featured E-330 model to the lineup in 2016. The new Spirit E-330 grill includes a handy 12,000 BTU side burner for cooking accompaniments and a 7,500 Sear Station Burner that boosts heat to quickly sear foods, then turns off for regular grilling.

Weber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill BlackWeber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill Black
Weber Spirit E-330 Lp Gas Grill Black

 Customer Reviews

Great grill and great Warranty
I purchased this grill online. This is my 3rd weber gas grill over the last 20 some years. This one seems to be lighter built than the others and its long
term durability is suspect.
It did have a damaged hood that was quickly replaced by weber
The grill itself lights easily and cooks well. I really like the sear station and side burner. The sear station works very well on steaks. The side burner
is great for cooking or warmingOkatomawoods
Great features
Bought about 3 weeks ago and couldn't be happier - replaced a bigger top of the line from another manufacturer and so far this outperforms what I had!wingsnut2
Best Ever
I have had this grill thru a complete cooking season. Just to clarify, I cook on it year round 5 or 6 times a week.
This is the best grill I have ever purchased and that's saying something. I was going through a grill a year ether from burnout or uneven cooking heat. This Weber shows no sign of burnout and is the most even cooking heat I've ever had.
If you love cooking chicken, steak, ribs, Texas brisket and burgers outside, this is the best you can get.
I have friends that have spent much more money on there grill and will tell you my grill cooks better than there's.Jake 54
Excellent quality components.
I have cooked on the grill about 5 or 6 times now and I'm very satisfied with how quickly it comes up to temperature. There is excellent heat distribution through out the grill even in the corners and on top and bottom.edges. The food cooks evenly and quickly with nice grill marks on the food. Overall I'm very satisfied the Spirit E-330 grill.Dennis. C
Easy to use with great results
So far, so good after 1 month of solid use. Given the build quality, I expect many years of use.

As a trained chef, I really appreciate how quickly the grill heats incredibly fast and holds heat well. Everything from steaks to chicken to baby back ribs to veggies have been spot on. I added 2 smoke boxes and a rotisserie accessories to increase the versatility.Personal Chef Tad
Great grill !
I waited three years to get this unit. We own one in Aruba, it's our third Weber, the old one we owned in Canada was needing repairs so I sold it on Kijiji three years ago, been using coal since, now I am back to the Weber grill and never going back....! I love the side burner and the steering station for steaks. It cleans up easy and will last easily another 20 years.Snowbird 1234
Wish item
This BBQ is great except for one small glitch I encountered. I turned the gas off at the tank (which I always do) but the side burner was also being used. When things cooled off, I closed the covers and when I relit the BBQ the side burner also lit and now I have a heat discolored side burner cover. (old BBQ had a separate igniter for the side burner) This happened on the third time I used the unit and doesn't look so great with the discolored burner cover. My bad I guess but sure wish my new BBQ looked like it was new. Seperate igniter would be nice and add a star to the review.Olddood
Last Time I Will Have To Buy A Gas Grill
Actually. I have had my Spirit about 2 years now, and am completely satisfied with the grill, except for the fact that my crossover tube has clogged pereventing gas to get to my right (3rd) burner (thus the 4 star rating). As Customer Service and WEBER standing behind there products, I was shipped a new crossover tube, and installation was straightforward, and shipped to me FREE (being under warranty) and in a timely fashion. Ohter than that, I would definitely give the WEBER Spirit a 5 star rating. Perhaps the material that the crossover tubes are made of should be stainless steel, instead of regular steel material. Word up WEBER.Hynie
It works good
I bought this to replace my last "Stainless Steel" bbq but it was not really all stainless steel the burners were cast iron and filled with rust all the time and the grates were coming apart. The Spirit is so much better as the grates are all cast and ceramic coated, the burners are all stainless steel but they don't burn very well with natural gas as mine is hooked up to my house gas and it was a propane style bbq to start with and where is no place to order new jets in the manual.Matt g
Easy to assemble and use
We have had our gas grill for over a month. I am still getting used to the change from our charcoal grill, however the assembly was easy due to the availability of the Weber phone app - so grateful! The grill is easy to start and monitor - I'm just a little slow adjusting to the change.gmak2406

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