Weber Spirit 300 Series Grill Cover

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Made of 100 percent polyester, the Weber Spirit 300 Series Grill Cover is as rugged as vinyl but more breathable and pliable, even in extreme cold conditions. The softness of the fabric also allows for easiest cover placement and removal. Answering the questions of how and where to store the cover, Weber has sewn into the seam a drawstring storage bag that fastens with a hang loop and Velcro. The bag, loop and Velcro are all neatly out of sight when the grill is covered. Providing year-round protection from the environment, this fabric cover carries a generous three-year limited warranty.

Weber Spirit 300 Series Grill CoverWeber Spirit 300 Series Grill CoverWeber Spirit 300 Series Grill Cover
Weber Spirit 300 Series Grill Cover

Weber Spirit 300 Series Grill Cover:
  • Fits Spirit 300 series and 220 gas grills
  • 100 percent polyester
  • Velcro straps
  • All-weather fabric is waterproof, UV resistant and breathable
  • Drawstring storage bag sewn into seam

 Customer Reviews

Nice...lite-weight but strong!!
I bought this grill cover to replace a really heavy Weber grill cover that I had for years. I was concerned at first with how light weight this cover was but it seems to be working fine. I how believe the material will likely last longer than my previous cover. I also like the velcro side panels that provide a snug fit.DaHa
Fits so well!
I love how well the cover fits my grill.I've used a generic cover before and much prefer this fitted cover. The velcro tabs allow me to snug it tight. I live in an rural area with extreme wind gusts, and the cover has protected my grill all winter!Quester
Long lasting
This was a replacement for the same cover we purchased 6 years ago. We like that it Velcro's at the bottom. That way it stays put when it's windy out. Fabric is very sturdySuebedo
I bought a cover for my upright charcoal grill at the cabin and was dissapointed, it was paper thin and not worth the hefty weber price. This one however for the Spirit grill is very good, thick, well made, more like the quality you'd expect from weber.mansnap
Great cover!
I bought this grill cover about a month ago. I love, love, love the material. It is pliable and very easy to put on and off. I always fold the side shelves down after use and the velcro straps make is super easy to adjust. (The cover also fits fine if the shelves are up.)

The ordering was easy and delivery was as stated. I've very pleased with this cover and highly recommend it. Wish I had bought it a couple years ago. So much better than the previous one that had more vinyl in the material and became brittle over time.Sunny713
Keeping my Weber Buddy dry and clean
I've had my Weber premium grill cover for about a year now and its held up well in the snow, rain and everything else New England Weather has thrown at it. I grill year round and its pretty easy to take off. I'm challanged to put it on right but thats just me. The straps and velcro has held on in 60 mph winds and no water gets though.
I've had my previous weber grill for 17 years and I beleive the cover is what kept it around so long. Treat your things well and they will never let you down. Looking forward for another 17 years with this one too.
Bonus comment: Another cool purchase I made was the weber light, efficent and auto shutoff when grill closes. Well worth the money and makes me look like I know what I'm doing. Makes it easy to grill after the sun goes in.Duckman
Weber Grill Cover
Weber has changed the grill cover material. The old became brittle and peeled. The new style is more flexible and easier to use, but still waterproof. Hopefully it will be more durable than the old style.kathy
Coming apart after 16 months
Grill is great. The cover is already coming apart. It fits great, and stays on, but after 16 months it is coming apart. No issues with the grill itself, most even cooking grill I have ever owned.Karl82
Not up to the Weber name
Bought the cover online at Weber price was the same as what I paid years back, but there is no way this cover will be lasting as long, I have 3 Weber grills and think that they are best value for the buck, but not their covers.McClain
Where is the quality?
I am one my second Weber Grill. The first grill lasted 15 years. Weber means quality. I have purchased numerous Weber Grill covers, this recent purchase is a disappointment. This cover feels cheap and like plastic. I am wondering if it can last throughout the coming winter. Time will tell and so will I. If it's a piece of junk I will write another review. Stay tuned.Gibbr180

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