Weber Small Drip Pans

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Line your gas grill catch pan or make delicious side dishes with these handy Weber Small Drip Pans. They are made of sturdy and durable aluminum and feature thick edges for ease of use. These versatile Weber grill drip pans can be used for baking and serving side dishes, holding salads or bread, marinating meats and veggies and transporting items from the kitchen to the grill. This pack includes 10 drip pans.

Weber Small Drip PansWeber Small Drip Pans
Weber Small Drip Pans
  • 10 pans per pack
  • Disposable for easy cleanup
  • Can be used with aluminum foil to keep food warm
  • 100% recyclable aluminum
  • Designed for Weber Spirit, Genesis and Weber Q grills, not Weber Summit Gold 6-burner and Summit Platinum 6-burner gas grills

 Customer Reviews

Clean up
Pan makes clean up easy and fast and it is reuseableDavey12
Must have
I got them last month and glad I did. These will last for a year and I grill out a lot. Good and heavy duty that can be cleaned and reused.IndyBruce
As represented — no surprises
Lightweight aluminum disposable (or you can wash and reuse them) inserts (they fit fine) which catch grease. No more, no less, no complaints.LawHoc

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