Coleman Gemini Power Pack

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Brand Name Coleman
Model R9708A30C
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Whether you're making burgers on your full-size grill in the backyard or powering a catalytic heater, keep a Coleman Gemini Propane Carrier near. Just hook up any propane-powered appliance the same way you would to a 20-lb tank, and let this versatile tool harness the strength of two 16.4 oz propane cylinders for up to 42,000 BTU of power for two hours. Add one to your backyard grilling or camping gear and another to your emergency kit.

Coleman Gemini Power PackColeman Gemini Power PackColeman Gemini Power Pack
Coleman Gemini Power Pack
Coleman Gemini Power Pack:Unique alternative to a 20-lb tank2 bottles of propane (sold separately) screw into compact case for 42,000 BTUs of combined powerRun Time: 2 hours on high (assuming 2 20,000 BTU burners)Will run Coleman RoadTrip grills up to 2 hours on highUse with other Coleman propane products — stoves, heaters and moreModel# R9708A30C

 Customer Reviews

It works!
My HOA doesn't allow 20 pounds gas tanks. And the 1 pound tanks frost over trying to supply enough gas to my grill. But with the Gemini, everything works great. So glad this existed.ErikZ
Gemini propane carrier
I like this carrier a lot. I can refill 1lb tanks so it actually gives you some real cook time and works well with a 5ft hose to your stove on a stand instead of a tank hanging on the side. The output valve has a automatic shutoff so it won't spew propane with your tanks mounted inside. It's great because it's easy and portable even compared to a 5lb tank if you don't need lots of propane on a camping trip. This is about perfect if you can refill 1lb tanks. I use this with the EvenTemp stove which is also very nice.Andre’
one to two
Help to have two at one time , Just order a hose and control to go with it !lee169177

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