Char-Broil Classic 2 Burner Gas Grill

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The Classic 2-burner gas grill is perfect for the smaller cookout. It features in-line stainless steel burners for even heat, a Piezo ignition for easy starts and itâs equipped with two metal side shelves for extra space. And with the 5-year burner warranty, you can grill for the long haul.

Char-Broil Classic 2 Burner Gas GrillChar-Broil Classic 2 Burner Gas GrillChar-Broil Classic 2 Burner Gas GrillChar-Broil Classic 2 Burner Gas GrillChar-Broil Classic 2 Burner Gas Grill
Char-Broil Classic 2 Burner Gas Grill
Stainless Steel Burners: Stainless steel burners can take the heat and are built to last.Convective Cooking System:  Great for grilling and indirect cooking at lower temperatures.Side Shelves: Two handy places for your grilling tools and cooking accessories that doubles as extra workspace while you're cooking.Wheels: Easily move your grill around your backyard or patio.Piezo Igniter: The push of a button creates a spark at the burner and lights the grill.Porcelain coated steel lid and firebox stand up to the weather.Assembled Dimensions: 41.9"H x 45.6"W x 18.5" D
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 Customer Reviews

very satisfied
Very satisfied with delivery. Came when expected. Perfect for a senior with no other way to get a new grill!irishdi
I would promote this product
it is exactly what I wanted and expected. "char broil" not ninfra-red it is exactly what I wanted and expected. "char broil" not infrared bakingPhillip
Assemblers beware!
Like the grill but beware if you plan to assemble it yourself. Worse assembly instructions I've ever seen.beebo56
My first gas grill!
I got this Grill back in May or June of 2017, and with the exception of having to replace the igniter, I have had no problems with it whatsoever. I totally love how fast I'm able to immediately start cooking, instead of always having to wait on a charcoal grill that takes forever to heat up enough to start cooking on.
My only problem with this Grill is that I can't afford enough meat to cook on it on a regular basis. I wouldn't trade my grill for anything!Sebring66
I paid $79 for this grill and it's worth it when I either have something small to throw on or if I need to continue cooking because the charcoal grill burned out for the night. It's just the right size not to big or small for size. You have to put it together. It's easier with two people. My father and I spent about three hours working on it and got it working. We fired it up the next day and grilled. The only thing about this grill is the instructions are very vague and it is not the 100 percent best quality. But overall good for the money spentMickey
Cooks well But is A bit unstable since it's light.
It cooks well and is priced right and very easy to use.

Some of the parts like the crossbar are made cheaply. The crossbar broke at the weld and I had to order a replacement part. I temporarily reinforced it with a steel bracket. The grill is Extremely flimsy when moving it with the propane tank attached, be careful when moving it. One of the problems is it's extremely lightweight and that causes the instability along with some of the design flaws that makes it unstable when moving it.Peterpaul
Great Grill-Nearly Useless Assembly Instructions!
This grill is a replacement for the identical one that I had. That grill served me well for many years. The reason I gave this grill a 3-star rating is because of the nearly useless assembly instructions. There are no word step by step assembly instructions. There are only a couple of schematics. If you are not good with mechanics, DO NOT BUY THIS GRILL UNASSEMBLED.Jim
Legs too flimsy!
Cooks fine, but the legs are really too flimsy! I suppose if you're rolling it around on a smooth patio it would be OK. But rolling it on grass, on not-so-smooth ground, with a heavy propane tank hooked on it, the legs feel ready to collapse! Not nearly as sturdy as the six-year-old one it's replaced. Sorry.Hambone
Awful assembly
This review is only for the assemby of this product. I wish i could give 0 stars!
As for the legs, everything was backward and there werent holes drilled in places there were supposed to be. My husband had to drill holes. Then when he was almost done we realized he had to take the legs off and redo because the wheels were on the wrong side and it had to do with the gas tank being on the right side...terrible!! And some of the screws striped out immediatly. Very cheaply made. Next time we will go with another brand and oay extra to habe it assembled for us. Not worth the hassle. This was a 4 hour jobCarla
More than 4 hrs to assemble.
If you are not mechanically inclined, pay to have it assembled. If you do try to assemble it, get help because it will take another pair of hands. No written instructions, just pictures with small print.Punkin3902

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