Char-Broil 14601997 Patio Bistro Gas Grill

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The Char Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Gas Grill is great way to safely cook your favorites on your patio or balcony. Great for apartments with small decks or patios. Its compact design still offers plenty of cooking space. The 320 sq. in. cooking surface is large enough to hold 8 to 12 hamburgers.

The propane gas version with its fuel-efficient 12,000 BTU burner system produces plenty of heat to cook your meats to perfection. Char Broil’s infrared high temperature cooking system holds in the flavor of your food by searing the outside while cooking much faster than typical gas grills. Its external gauge and precision dial are a must to make it easy to monitor and cook your food to perfection.

Features of the Char Broil Patio Bistro Infrared Grill:

  • 320 square inches of infrared grilling area which sears in flavor and keeps food moist and juicy
  • Easy-to-light integrated electronic ignition
  • Stainless steel premium cooking grate–just drop wood chips on the grate to add smoky flavor
  • Compact and stylish design
  • 12,000 BTU propane burner system
The Good:

+ Compact size is perfect for apartments and small decks
+ Infrared Grilling system cooks faster and more evenly than standard gas grills
+ 20 inch diameter grilling area can cook 8-12 hamburgers at once
+ The available 1,750 Watt electric heat version is available for apartments where gas grills are not allowed

The Bad:

– Round grilling area is more difficult to arrange large pieces of food
– Assembly takes time and patience

The Char Broil Patio Bisto Infrared Grill is a good bet for:
  • Anyone living in an apartment or condo with limited space
  • Someone looking for a small grill for their vacation home
  • A small family that doesn’t entertain and is looking for a compact grill
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 Customer Reviews

Four years still love this grill
In August will be four years for this grill. Live in suburbs of NY City grill outside in winter when possible. Takes up much smaller footprint than grills used through the years, great for my deck. Can't believe battery spark lighter still works every time. Never had one of those last very long. Made me a hero since I was a serial steak burner! Wife would hardly let me near the grill. This grill design doesn't really allow you to start a bonfire :). I actually cook not destroy meats now. Easy to clean except as noted, the grilling area itself. Slotted, special tool provided to open holes back up three at a time as needed. But worth the effort. I am here today to order a new one. Honestly this one still going strong. But I want to make sure that I have a replacement when needed. This is not the grill for you if you are cooking a side of beef for a party of 30 but if you want to grill up 6 or 8 burgers, a nice two steaks etc, it's perfect! Heats even, never flares up. Easy on gas use too. George in NYGeorge IN NY
My second one LOVE IT!
My current grill, same one is just over four years old, love it. Still going despite being outside in North East weather year round. But saw it on sale and figured time to replace older one or at least be ready too. Grill has small footprint, battery spark igniter still working after 4 years without a problem, that in itself amazes me. Impossible because of grill design to burn stuff, my wife let's me BBQ again. Can't flare up and cooks evenly every time. The only downside is grill surface ridged with slots, a little harder to keep that clean, special tool comes with grill to do so. If you do parties this is not for you, handle about 6 to 8 burgers or two steaks at a time. But if you just want to make some burgers or steaks without having a huge grill on patio this is for you. Another great thing, the whole burner etc kettle arrived all assembled. The rest is easy to put together compared to most grills.George in NY
Works well for my small patio
Pretty solid grill, not to wild about the stainless steel grate (wish it was cast iron), that heats up and cooks fast. Seems like it cooks steaks with a microwave type finish. No char marks or crust just light brown and juicy. If that makes any sense.Conor
I love it!
Lights on the first try (every time), heats up fast and it's easy to clean!nkp
I would buy this product again
This is my second char broil infrared grill. I am sold on this concept and the quality of this grill. It is well engineered and constructed.Charles
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