Gas Grill



Tired of running out of propane and having to keep changing those tiny one-pound propane canisters? Turn your portable gas grill into a permanent gas grill with the Cuisinart 4' LP Adaptor Hose. Simply use this adaptor and connect a 20-pound propane tank and grill for up to a whole season without running out. And if you want to take your portable grill ...



If sleek design, high performance, and no hassle cleaning are your thing….then the Cuisinart Grillster Portable Gas Grill is the perfect grill for you! The steel, hinged lid and three wall design create an exceptional, contained cooking area. And with temperatures reaching upwards of 600 degrees, you won’t be left wanting for power with this small portable grill. Once you’re finished cooking up ...



The Cuisinart CGG-240 All-Foods roll-away portable outdoor LP gas grill combines exceptional performance with convenient portability making it the perfect choice for the serious backyard griller and the on-the-go Chef. Designed for ultimate versatility, the grill's ample grilling space, full-size height and convenient hide-away side shelves make it ideal for everyday family grilling. At the same time, the convenient integrated roll-away folding cart ...



The Cuisinart All-Foods Gas Grill is a versatile cooking system that expertly grills fine foods. Solid grilling performance provided from a 12,000 BTU stainless steel loop burner, a heat distributing panel and a pre-seasoned cast iron cooking grate. The grill is compact in size, making it ideal for smaller yards and patios. Despite its small size, it is more than large enough to ...



With Cuisinart's CGG-220 everyday portable LP gas grill, you get great outdoor grilling performance every time. This 15,000 BTU tabletop grill with stainless steel loop burner is designed to accommodate all your grilling and entertaining needs whether you are camping, tailgating, hosting friends or cooking the family's dinner on the patio. It is smartly designed to handle it all. The 240 square inch ...

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